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Welcome to Inside Corner Baseball

Welcome to Inside Corner Baseball and Thank You for visiting our website!

At Inside Corner Baseball we are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of players of all ages. Inside Corner baseball offers a year round facility for lessons and baseball specific training. ICB also offers batting cage rentals, private & semi-private lessons, clinics, camps and birthday parties. Lessons can be purchased one lesson at a time or in a series of packages to accommodate your specific needs. Click on the “Lessons” tab to view cost structure and procedure.

We believe there are no shortcuts to success however with hard work, dedication, proper mechanics and techniques,  the road to success can be shortened.

You will receive professional instruction that teaches proper techniques to help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s to be the best on your team, to be named an All Star in your league or to advance to the next level, our goal is to help you succeed on and off the field.

The season never ends at Inside Corner Baseball. We feature two full length cages complete with pitching machines for both baseball and softball, regulation size pitching mounds, video analysis and radar gun. ICB provides the opportunity for you to train all year round.

If you have the desire and motivation to reach higher, we’re here to help you. Remember, if you’re not working hard at becoming better…someone else is!

Start Work’n the Inside Corner Today!


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Baseball Glove Repair

Inside Corner Baseball Glove Repair services:

The #1 reason is for performance. Serious ballplayers have a special relationship with their gloves. A glove has to feel right. Instead of buying a new one, which can be expensive and time-consuming to break-in, they have their old glove overhauled so it feels like new again.

Another reason is sentimental. Seeing their glove the way it was years before brings back good memories for many people.

Finally, some players just like an annual tune-up before each season. It’s part of the ritual, just like going to the batting cages, running sprints or comminting to long toss.

Whatever your reason, my service is fast, inexpensive and, most of all, effective. In less than a week in most cases, I can turn your glove from a dry, stiff piece of leather into an viable piece of equipment.

Don’t replace it, re-lace it!

Glove Repair service starts at $10. Contact to have your old glove perform like new!